Sorry after the coaches meeting last nigh, I totally forgot to post.


This is a race week, so everyone be mindful of doing the little things. Sierra Vista is at 5,000ft so be mindful of hydration this week.


Last week we searched for a fitness bump with VO2 max workouts and we are going to do one more this week to finish that bump.


We are in a great position after 2 races. We are holding 2nd and 3rd in the state and I want to inspire everyone to believe that we can finish the season there. It is going to be incredibly hard and we will need everyone to be their best. Let’s dream this dream together and take our shot at it.


The only way for us to fail is to not try our best. Lets believe.




Tuesday: VO2 max MTB

Wedneday: 4:30 only. Barrio play

Thursday: A mtn warm up with hole shots


Friday: Middle School kids will leave for Sierra Vista after school.


Saturday: Middle school kids race and return to Tucson.

High School kids leave Tucson and camp in Sierra Vista.  Leaving at 9am.


Sunday: High Schoolers race and return.


I really enjoy cheesy motivational sports movies. This is a great scene about a coach trying to make his team into a team. If you have never seen the movie, Miracle on Ice, you should and even better is the documentary about the 1980 USA mens Olympic Hockey team.


Yes I expect that you watch this


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