Dear riders and parents,

Just a reminder that we are hosting the second academic advising session today! I know the timing is terrible with departure for races tomorrow. With our calendar so full this was the best we could do.  The session will be from 430-6PM at the clubhouse

  • 10th and 9th graders will meet on Friday the 7th

Please do come since these are mandatory! Come prepared to talk about how the classes we discussed last time are going, what’s coming up for you in school and also come with ideas on how we can improve the academic support we offer.

See you all later today

3 Responses to “Reminder! Academic Advising 9th & 10th Graders”

  1. Kristen long

    We are leaving for the race at 2 so Dillon will not be there

    • Elena L'Annunziata

      Thanks for letting me know! There are two more dates he can attend:

      6th, 7th and 8th graders will meet Monday the 17th
      11th and 12th graders will meet Monday the 21st