Shawn had some great questions this morning in regards to tomorrow’s ride. I apologize again for poor communication. I will  continue to try and always get better.


Start time: 7am. Please arrive early to be prepared and to mingle with the nice people.


Ride: Two options one, 50 miles, and the second approx. 35. Both will be mostly at endurance pace with a very large group.


Who can come: Anyone with a road bike on the team that has been on group rides with the team. So the newer middle and high school kids who have just been mountain biking should not worry. Especially if you are so new that I have not found you a road bike yet. So if you have ridden road bikes with the team then you can come. Coaches all are welcomed and encouraged. If you can great, if not, thank you for all that you do.


Who is Ride on Cycling (ROC): They are a cycling club in town that supports us. They ride as a group and raise money as they prepare for El Tour to contribute to us. They are local community members who are incredibly kind and supportive of what we do. So please be on your best behavior tomorrow.





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