Friday very early in the morning, I will leave with Damiano to secure camp spots.


10am Friday. Lynn will drive a team van with TUSD middle school kids to the race.


Noon. All tents will be set up. Middle schoolers, same as last race, please bring your own sleeping bag and mat. We might have some to offer so please ask early. Bring a good snack in the car.


4pm. Morgan will drive down to the race with all non-TUSD middle school kids. Kids bring a good snack in the car.


7pm Dinner.


9am Saturday. High Schoolers will be ready to leave the clubhouse with Chuck and Elena driving team vans.


3pm Middle schoolers start to race.


6pm All Middle schoolers will return, if they are not staying in town with their parents.


Sunday High Schoolers race.


7pm Hopefully all high schoolers back in town.


Parents we can always use good snack foods

we can always use help in the kitchen area

we can always use help packing down tents on Sunday

we can always use help enjoying coach sodas on Saturday, and Friday night

we can always use help getting kids pointed in the right direction.