This is the last week. This is it for the High School season and we all have so much left to race for.


I am proud no matter what for what we have accomplished already, and I hope to inspire all of you to put together one more great race.


My hope is that everyone is feeling fresh and rested after last weeks easy week and is ready to put together one more good week.


Also I want to thank everyone for the help and support for the Fondo. Riders I heard from so many community members about how kind you were out there. THANK YOU!  Parents THANK YOU so much for all the help and support you provided. We absolutely could not do it with out you. It was a very successful event!!!!!!


Thank you as well to all Staff and coaches for what you do. You are the difference.




Training Plan


We should be feeling fresh this week. We should be feeling excited to ride and the legs should feel good. If that is the case then this week is a primer week. We are going to have two speeds, full gas or stupid easy. I am just trying to have you do enough so that you feel that real snap  in the legs. Please help me by doing the little things. If you are at all tired let me know and we can move things around.


Tuesday– Two groups. Middle and High school Groups all on mountain bikes.


High school– Short track openers.

Middle School– Trail Ride


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30. MTB only this week for high schoolers. This will not be a hard ride. Just want you all to feel good in the dirt.

4:30 middle school Road ride. Kids please post if you are able to go so the road coaches know to show.


Thursday– Hole shots



Saturday– Leave at 9:30am. Arrive and pack at 9am.



11 Responses to “The Last week”

  1. Ana

    I will not be able to go on Thursday but I will go on Tuesday and Wednesday

  2. Collin Kisiel

    I will not be able to make it to practice on Wednesday or Thursday due to work.

  3. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    When I got home from today school and I was feeling sick so I will not be there today. See you Saturday

  4. Maddy

    Did anyone find a pair of glasses yesterday? There brow on have green on the inside.