Friday– Clubhouse clean up. The Fondo is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we want to put our best foot forward to the community. If you like this team and you like riding your bike, then please make time to come and help us get ready if you can.


Saturday– 6:30am meet at clubhouse. In van by 7am. At trailhead of 50 Year trail at 7:45 on bikes at 8am.


Also riders and parents I want all 24 hour race forms turned in. I gave all riders a copy and here is a hyperlink:


Sunday– FONDO. All riders please be at the clubhouse at 6:30am. If you have a road bike be ready to ride and bring a change of clothes for after the ride. If you do not have a road bike please be prepared to hang around the clubhouse to help in all the ways that will be necessary.

2 Responses to “This weekend”

  1. Lori

    If they are not riding but are doing all things necessary, what time should they be there?

  2. Kaileen

    Hey, I won’t be able to make to the ride on Saturday, I am moving this weekend and my parents need my help on Saturday. I will be at the fall fondo on Sunday, so I will see you then