Today was a small experiment.


We always have practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For this whole season we have been riding the same bikes on the same days. No other coach tells you what the work out is going to be before practice, so I wanted to try this experiment. I have a few kids who are not showing up on interval days so I wanted to see what would happen.


We have two races left and really only 2 more interval practices to go. We are in a fighting position to have two teams on the podium at the end, and I hope I can inspire you all to believe in that.


Practice this week is going to be about maintenance and showing up ready to go.


Wednesday: CHANGE IN BIKES. We are going to ride mountain bikes at 3:45 and 4:30.


Thursday: Short Track hot laps.


I will be heading up with the High schoolers for this next race as I have tickets to go watch this LIVE!!!


5 Responses to “Wednesday and Thursday”

  1. Mostyn

    What time is the 3:45 practice over? Is it the same ride at both times?