3 down and 2 to go. We are in great position to keep fighting for our goal.


We have been training hard now for three months and I know for some we are emotionally and mentally fatigued. This part of the season is the hardest, but we are close to finishing it exactly as we hoped. We only have four weeks of training left and two of those will be our classic pre-race week. So really we only have two weeks of hard training left. Stay strong my friends.


I will not be around for practice Tuesday and Wednesday. I apologize, however the other coaches are super stars, so nothing lost.

Training Plan

Please be true to yourself when you reflect upon where you are emotionally with the season, as I am going to write three training plans depending on where you are.


Tucson High Students  — That are ready to keep training. Remember though to get rest this week and to sleep and eat well.


Tuesday— Morning Ride. The whole loop no matter what. Once on Top of Gates return back down the back side and ride home.

Wednesday— Mt Lemmon. Mile at LT, mile at Endurace to Bear Canyon.

Thursday— MTB ride.

Please coordinate with each other. Also Richard will be around and can join you guys. Please consult with him.

Tucson High Students who are tired, please see what the other tired kids are doing. Or Jeremiah please ride with the non-tucson kids who are not tired.

Non- Tired Kids

  • Tuesday– LT work at Himmel Park 4:30PM
  • Wednesday– Endurance Road ride. 3:45 and 4:30 start times.
  • Thursday– Short Track races 4:30PM


Tired Kids

  • Tuesday– Off
  • Wednesday– Endurance road ride 4:30PM
  • Thursday– Short track fun. 4:30PM

Friday— Clubhouse clean up to prepare for the swap meet. 4:30PM


Two Rides

  • Shoot Out 6:30AM Start time
  • Fondo Pre- Ride. Arrive at 7AM to register and mingle, depart 7:30AM

I will let very certain people know who is going on which ride.


Sunday— MTB Arizona Trail. Early start.


Possible outreach activities on Sunday in the afternoon.


I just like the music




15 Responses to “Week of October the 10th”

  1. Erika Colombi

    ok, so I am confused as to what Benedict should show up to this week…. Also, we are going to rocky point thursday thru sunday so he will miss thursday and weekend ride…..

    • Elena

      Hi Erika, sorry about the confusion. We are trying to come up with a training plan that accommodates the fatigue that is setting in after races. Start times from the clubhouse remain the same. Basically if he is tired and needs a break, take Tuesday off.

      • Elena

        Oh sorry one more detail, since he is taking some significant time off I would recommend coming on Tuesday 🙂 it will be fun!

  2. Jeremia

    I wont be able to make it to practice on Tuesday and i might not be able to make it on Wednesday, im camping with my family

  3. Erika Colombi

    thank you. I just want to make sure- tuesday and wednesday are at 430?

  4. Erika Colombi

    it was unclear to me- tuesday morning ride, or does ben go to regular 430 ride?

    • Elena L'Annunziata

      I just updated the blog a little and added some ride start times. All rides have the same start time with the exception of Tucson High schoolers, they have a Tuesday morning road ride. Yes Ben should be at practice at 4:30PM. Hope that helps!

  5. Russ

    Collin will ride with the team today but unfortunately, he forgot about the Friday cleanup and let
    his employer scheduled him to work at 4:00. He will have to make it up to the team another way.

    • Elena L'Annunziata

      Which morning practices? The ones during the week are for Tucson High students, the Sunday morning MTB ride will be announced soon