We have 13 weeks to go until the first big goal of the year. I can set the path and show you the way, but ultimately it is up to you to ride down it and to put the work in. Be mindful of what you hope to achieve this season and be honest with yourself about how to get there.


Coming off the high school I am confident that we have a good solid base and that we are fit. This time of year I want to try to increase the mileage and your ability to hold quality power. To do this we are going to focus on our endurance/ tempo rides for the next 6 weeks. The more rides you come to over this period the better. I heard this weekend some of the groups struggled to get the pace right. I made the groups small so that you would be with pears. Endurance is not easy. Let me say that again Endurance is not easy. Zone 2 has you working, however it is a manageable work load, yet it does not mean easy or that you can ride there for ever.


Here is a great article to read: http://home.trainingpeaks.com/blog/article/zone-2-training-for-endurance-athletes


If you have a power meter your Endurance pace is going to be approx. 70% of your FTP. So again not too easy. Then on these rides when you are at the front you will undoubtedly go a bit harder which is just fine, you are being nice to your teammates, keeping their numbers up.



Ride in the top half of Zone 2 as much as possible during these Endurance rides. Keep pressure on the pedals and push your cadence a little beyond your comfort zone. Spend time riding in the drops on longer rides; focus on finding that aerodynamic, yet relaxed riding position. Do at least one endurance ride a week on your mountain bike.

This week we are going to stay on the road bikes again with no mountain bikes, only because not everyone has had a chance to fix and clean theirs. So please everyone by this weekend lets have them all ready to go.

Everyone remember your lights and jackets.

Also if you have a power meter or heart rate monitor please make sure that it is working this week and ask for help if needed. It must be working by the end of this week.

If you do not have one, no worries, please all you need is a digital watch. Casio ones are sold at Target for $15 and they work great. By the end of this week, I hope everyone has either a watch or a power meter/ heart rate.

Training Plan

Tuesday: Tumamoc Strength training fun.

Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30 start times. Road ride.

Thursday: 4:30 start time.

Saturday: Shoot out

                   C Team ride. 7am start

Sunday: 7:30am start. Coaches can someone lead a MTB ride?

                If you  have a power meter or heart rate the Sunday ride is going to be a power test at Mt Lemmon. If you have one you have to go on this ride.

10 Responses to “Lets understand how we are going to get “THERE””

  1. Ethan Overson

    Won’t be there today, it’s my dads birthday and I would like to stay on this side of town.

  2. Chuck Barclay

    I will need to skip Tumamoc on Tuesday, but will be there in spirt as Ignacio grinds your little muscles to pulp.

    I’ll be at practice on Thursday Yay!

    Working on Sunday at Broadway Bicycles and can’t lead an MTB ride ☹️ Boo! Come in and see me!

  3. Collin

    what do we need to bring today for Tumamoc strength training? Are we riding?

  4. Kaileen W.

    Hello, sorry I won’t be able to make it today I have too much homework I will be there on Saturday and Sunday though.