This is my favorite time of year with the team. The next races are far off in the distance, the weather has cooled, and we can plan on some big beautiful bike rides that we typically don’t have the time for. This is the season to learn to love your bike again. The season to explore new roads, try different types of rides, and to just be out with your friends.


This is also an important time of the year as the more you put in now the higher you can get. Just like a pyramid the bigger your base the higher you can get your peak. We are going to focus on building really good habits this time of year. We are going to log our rides diligently whether through a digital app style or old school note book, we are going to focus on good form on the bike and pedaling rhythms, and focus on the little things that matter. If we focus on these things now and make them a part of our being then when we go to put in the hard work, we can just focus on that, as all the little things will fall into place because of the good habits we created now.


I hope that we all read this as well, as I fear that the ones who should read this the most and be most mindful are the ones who will not read this at all. So encourage your teammates to read this.


I know I was a bit stern at the meeting the other night. I needed to make certain points clear and ensure that there was no way to misconstrue what I was saying. I also came in with an edge after the ropes course because many of the elder males on the team, I believe did not participate with the event the way that I was hoping. Too many of them set themselves off the side and decided that they did not have to participate. That is all well and good just be prepared that I, along with the rest of the coaching staff, can decide to ask you to leave or to not have you participate in certain events. Your actions have clear consequences as all actions do. Just as some can choose not to participate, we can choose to not have you ride or race.


Training Plan


This week starts our base period of training. We will not have structured intervals for at least a month, so the focus is on time and form. Please come as much as you can. The intensity will not be dramatic but the volume will, however the volume should be adventurous and fun.


Tuesday– Capture the Flag


Wednesday– Capture the Flag


Thursday– Off


Friday– Endurance ride


Saturday– NO SHOOT OUT. 3 hour ride


Sunday– 3 hour ride. MTB or road whatever you and your group and coaches decide.



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  1. Collin Kisiel

    I will not be able to make it to practice today due to homework.