Riders, this Sunday the 20th we will be going to the ropes course! Something you all asked for in the survey we conducted. This will be a fun team building activity, we should all make the effort to go.

We will be there from 12:30-4:30PM

Arrive at the clubhouse at 11:45am so we can leave at noon.

We will be ride bikes there.

Please bring your own snack.

Please let me know ONLY if you CANNOT go. I need an approximately accurate headcount and this is the easiest way to get it.

Thank you all!

6 Responses to “Sunday Ropes Course”

  1. Eve

    My mom wants to know if there is a parent meeting on Sunday. If so, what time?

  2. Elena L'Annunziata

    As of right now there will be a parent rider meeting following the ropes course around 5PM when parents come to pick you all up. We will post those details to the blog shortly

  3. Unai

    I can’t make it. I have a family event on Sunday and couldn’t really climb anyways with my cast. Sorry.