What are we doing?


  1. We will be doing a bunch of skills at the park in the next few weeks. We are transitioning into road season and I want everyone to have the skills necessary to ride safely as a group. We have not done this in a while so for many of you this is a fun refresher, for others this is your first time on a road bike and I believe that these skills are the fundamentals of road riding.

2. Grupito rides. This is something that has come up in your academic advisory groups. You all asked for a time to get to know the younger kids. These next two weeks everyone is going to have a chance to ride with the younger kids. It will be a time to get to know them and to teach them what you know.


3. Tumamoc. Straight up strength training with some cardio as well. Just because it is off season from hard work on the bike, does not mean that we cannot work hard in other areas.


4. Getting very excited to get back on our bikes. We ride a lot and many of you have some big goals. To reach them we need to be hungry and excited to ride, so by taking some time off it gets us very eager to get back on.


Notes: This road season we are going to be riding mountain bikes once or maybe twice a week. There is great reason for this. One it will keep our core strength up and upper bodies strong. Mountain biking is great for peak power training and for pedal rhythm and of course it is just straight up fun. So please everyone keep your bikes clean and ready.


This weeks training plan


Tuesday: Middle schoolers and anyone who does not typically show up on Wednesday’s. You are going to ride with Grupito. Please have your Mountain bike ready.


High schoolers and any middle schooler who comes on Wednesday, I will take you all to Tumamoc. At Tumamoc have a good pair of tennis shoes, no Chucks or slip ons.


Wednesday: High schoolers who did Tumamoc on Tuesday will go with Grupito, anybody else will come to Tumamoc with me.


Thursday: Skills at the park with some cross training.


Saturday: OFF


Sunday: Breaking Away at the Loft Cinema. This is mandatory as can be. I really hope to see everyone there and I will buy the athletes ticket if they show up on time. Movie starts at 7:30pm. Please arrive by 7pm.


5 Responses to “What we are doing”

  1. Russ

    Collin has to work on Wednesday. Do you want him to do Tumamoc or El Grupito on Tuesday?

  2. Maddy

    I can’t make it on Wednesday because I found out I have no transportation.