This week will start our fourth week of base training. We should be feeling strong at the moment but hopefully not tired. I know that finals will be coming up for many of you and that attendance over the next two weeks will be ever challenging as you prepare. I understand this, so for that reason I am not going to schedule a rest week, as I imagine that your finals will make you take a break or two over the next few weeks. If not then really no problem as the intensity should not be too much of a burden.



A Few important reminders:



On all group rides, like the Shoot Out, your El Grupo jersey, jacket or vest must be on the outside of what you are wearing. This is very important. This is a huge group ride with hundreds of people and we need to represent our sponsors. That is what they pay for. PLEASE from now on, make sure that El Grupo is on the outside. This also makes it much easier for me and the other coaches to see you.


Watches or Computers

Before the winter break starts I want everyone to have either a digital watch or some sort of cycling computer.


I have never used this product but after reading the reviews I think it should work well for everyone. It is a GPS and Power ready computer for under $100.



Training Plan


Tuesday: Cross training at clubhouse. I have heard very positive feed back from most of you on this so we can continue for another week.


Wednesday: 3:30 Valley kids only Road ride

3:45 MTB ride

4:30 MTB ride.

These are all at Endurance pace.


Thursday: 4:30 start Road for all, Endurance ride.


Saturday: 7:15 am shoot out

7:30 C team ride


Sunday: 8am. Valley kids ONLY road ride

8am MTB ride



2 Responses to “Keep on Keepin on”

  1. Kaileen W.

    I will not be able to make it on Tuesday I have a band concert. I will be at practice on Wednesday and Thursday.