Time Change for my group tomorrow. If you have been riding in my group these last two days then we are going to start at 8am tomorrow and we will ride up Mt Lemmon. Jeremiah come with us tomorrow. All riders will go to Mt Lemmon but this way it breaks us up into smaller groups.


Coaches: Chuck and Michelle can you join me tomorrow?

Brian and Joe can you join Elena tomorrow starting at 9am?



Kitt Peak is this Sunday.


This is another Logistical funhouse, so please everyone read this well and let me know what you are thinking about.


1st riders leaving the clubhouse at 8am. We will ride over Gates and all the way to the mountain.


2nd and 3rd Groups. Everyone will be loading into the vans at 8:30am, so please arrive at 8:15am.


The 2nd and 3rd groups will drive all three vans to the store at Three Points.


The 2nd group will depart from this store and ride to and up the mountain.


The 3rd group will get driven out to the mountain and ride from there.


Ideally one van waits for everyone at the base of the mountain to help with clothing and water. Once all riders have started up the mountain, I want the van to go up the mountain to get lunch ready.


When riders get to the top of the mountain it will be cold, so I want kids to be able to put clothes back on, eat, and then ride down and back to Three Points.


This is a long and big ride and it will be long. However it is one of the most beautiful rides I know of, once you are at the mountain.



What I Need


3 people to drive, three vans to Three Points.


One person to drive the van from Three Points to the mountain then to the top.


Lunch for 40 people.

19 Responses to “Kitt Peak Sunday and Time change for my group tomorrow”

  1. Brian Wacik

    9am is perfect….will be at the clubhouse at 8:30, rollout at 9am.

    Also, I am listed for the Kitt Peak ride on Sunday, but should chat with Ignacio prior regarding logistics and timing as I didn’t realize that I have to pick up Kate at the airport. I may do none, some or all of the ride, depending on coordination and timing.

  2. Chloe

    I’ll go on the first group for Kitt peak, is there room for me to ride my road bike to the base of the mountain then ride my mountain bike up the mountain?

  3. Ron A

    Work calls, sad I will miss today’s ride with you guys. Have a safe and fun ride:).

  4. Morgan

    Iz & Iz & I will ride out from home and will meet up with the 8am group somewhere before Lemon Highway. I am available to help however it’s needed on Sunday.

  5. Ana

    Gabrielle and I will go with the second group to kitt peak unless my group decides on the big ride.