I very much hope that everyone of you spent a beautiful day with your families doing what you love to do!


There are a lot of moving parts coming up this week so please, bare with me as I try and get it all sorted, and please read this well and ask good questions.


For some of you this week is your first week of Winter break and for others this is your second week. I am going to take this into account as I give you groups to ride in. I want your second week to be bigger than your second week.


Tuesday– Arivaca


Those that are riding the 90. We are leaving at 8am. We are going to be riding in a van home from Amado. So plan around that. We should be back in town by 2pm.


Coaches on that ride: Ignacio, Brian, Dennis, Richard


Susie I am going to ask you to do the 60 mile ride as all your riding friends will be doing that. Elena can you drive that van to Green Valley? That van will leave the clubhouse at 8:30am. Chuck and Michelle I would like to ask you to drive with Elena to Green Valley, then grab her van and drive to Amado. Once in Amado ride back tracking on the course to meet the 60 mile group. Then turn around with them. That means both of those vans are in Amado.


Daniela is going to drive the third van that is leaving at 9am and park in Amado for those riding the 45 mile ride.


We will be having lunch in Arivaca, however only if you posted and told me you are going.


Wednesday– Coach Chuck. This is perfect day for you to take many of the ladies to the 24 hour course. Please let me know if this works for you.


All others this will be a road ride day leaving from the clubhouse. Leaving at 9am. 3 hours ride.


Thursday– Yest another 3 hour road ride leaving from the clubhouse.






8 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Cole

    I will be riding, all I need is a salad. Also can Ethan and I and whoever wants to do the full 135

  2. Ron A

    I would be willing to go with Cole and Ethan for the full 135 as long as you are ok with it.