Today— The rain was crazy at my house last night and the wind still is. Please do not feel any pressure to come and ride this morning. I want you all to have a long a healthy season, so if we miss today because it is too cold and wet, THAT IS OK. If you come down today, this morning, please be so well dressed.


Sunday– There is a lack of coaches currently on Sunday’s and I have to miss tomorrow as I will be on the Grupito Camp out. So the ride is going to be a road ride tomorrow to Mt Lemmon. Everyone will ride out to Mt. Lemmon tomorrow leaving the clubhouse at 8am.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding about some of these, “Game time decisions”

7 Responses to “Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th”

  1. Ana

    Thank you coach. I was already at the clubhouse when I read this but I did notice the roads were pretty wet and the wind was really strong and cold. I will ride with my family later on today

  2. Brian Wacik

    Windy? Wet? Cold? Nah, this is character building day! I WILL be doing the Lemmon ride Sunday.

  3. Maddy

    I’m not coming to practice today, because I have a huge project due tomorrow.

  4. Eve

    Sorry I wasn’t able to go to practice on Saturday and Sunday,I had a softball tournament.