C Team riders,

this Saturday the 1oth there is a C team ride that will be led by Colin, and it is an extra special Toy Ride that doubles as an outreach opportunity for ya’ll.

I would LOVE attendance from Mostyn, Maddy, Eve, Ada, Kileen, Ben Oliver, Michael,  Myles and Sam Alexander (as a second junior coach if you will). Please make an effort to be there and please let me know if you cannot.

I know there is an all girls MTB ride this day as well. If your name is on this list it is because I need you to make this ride. There will be many more MTB rides for you to join.

A play on the words Toy Drive, will involve you instead of driving -riding toys that will be donated to the South Tucson Fire Department! I have a handful of new toys to contribute to the drive. Please if you have any new or lightly used toys you can contribute, that would be great!

We will start from the clubhouse at 8:30AM to decorate our bikes in a festive and fun manner (decor will be there for you to use) and then ride to Mercado to meet other GABA riders at 9AM, from where we will start our ride and arrive approximately at 10:30am at the Fire House to meet even more GABA riders from other start locations.

The Fire House will provide snacks, drinks, both hot and cold for our riders.  Please be sure to take lots of pictures of this event!

7 Responses to “Saturday C Team Ride”

    • Elena L'Annunziata

      Awesome Kaileen (with an a before the i) I totally appreciate your enthusiasm!!

    • Elena L'Annunziata

      I’d rather you did this ride. I may have to shuffle some of you around if I have low attendance on Veronique’s ride. We’ll figure it out today at practice 🙂