The weather right now does not look promising for Sunday.


We will need to be ready to make game time decisions. So I appreciate everyone’s patience with this.


Here are the scenarios as I see them:


Saturday: It seems like the weather is going to hold for this and I want to make sure that even if it is slightly raining that we are out. So unless it is dumping show up. If the weather for Sunday looks terrible then we are all going to ride up Madera on Saturday.


That means that we should have a C team coach ready for Saturday, because if we don’t ride until the afternoon on Sunday, I want those kids to have a great ride. Do we have a taker for Saturday C team? Colin is unfortunately out.


Sunday: Will really be a game time decision. I really want to make this work, however we need to be mindful of the weather. Right now I have Daniela driving one van, I need two more drivers. Sandra can you drive one? Then we need one more.


24 Hour Camping Trip


This is Scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd.


I would like to drive up on the morning of the 3rd and leave in the afternoon of the 4th.


This means that we will need to make 2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, one good campfire.


I would love to have every kid who is riding the 24 hour race on this trip. I want them to know the course super well.


I would love to have the support of at least 6 parents to help with the trip in regards to food prep, fire safety, helping with the tents etc. All food and beverages will be provided.


We will camp over night and every rider will ride many a lap, also parents of course you can ride and have fun.


Please let me know if you plan on coming, I hope to have marvelous attendance.

22 Responses to “This weekend and 24 Hour Camping trip”

    • Michael

      I won’t be able to do camping trip because my school starts Wednesday. What time is the ride tomorrow- Saturday?

  1. Ana

    I cannot go on the camping trip. I will be dropping off gabrielle and then going to Mexico. My mom can drive a van on Sunday

  2. Lily

    So just to be clear, Sunday is happening in the afternoon if it is too rainy in the morning?

  3. Gillian Paine-Murrieta

    I can drive a van. Leila and I would like to do part of the ride.

  4. Mostyn

    I am going on the 24 hour camping trip and my dad is coming too. The rest of my family might come. I can’t ride on Sunday. My parents are available to ride with the C team on Saturday if you need people.

  5. Michelle Helmke

    I’m bringing two extra plastic rain jackets if anyone needs to borrow them

  6. Eve

    I can’t make it to the ride on Sunday, because I’m spending New Years with my family.