Congratulations to everyone who for the last 7 weeks has put in the work, gone on the big rides, and stacked them up. Your beautiful efforts will be rewarded. I am incredibly proud of this team and the time and effort you all put in. I hope you all are feeling proud as well.


Now the only way to actually get faster and stronger is to rest. You must give the body a chance to soak up all the work that you did. So now is the week that we actually get faster.


So please be mindful of resting and recovering as hard as you trained. The one who rests the hardest gets the most good stuff soaked in.


Good News– Everything for everyone to be junior geared for the season is in. This is a great week to come and work on your bike to ensure that you have everything you need to be junior legal. If you are not sure please ask. I spoke with a few of you today and over the last week or two, so please take care of this, this week.


Training Plan


Tuesday– No Practice. This is the first week of school and I want everyone to get settled in and to have to just be home.


Valley riders please remember the planning meeting at 5PM


Wednesday– 4:30 pm practice only. Yin Yoga Class led by Daniela.


Thursday– Recovery ride


Saturday– Shoot out or C Team ride.

C Team at 7:30.


Sunday– Valley riders to the mountain

24 hour riders to the dirt. Most likely Starr Pass starting at 8am for both.


24 Hour Race Parents. 

Thank you for coming to the meeting and being so helpful and signing up for so many shifts. In the next week or two please be on the look out for emails from Elena and I as we try and fill all slots.




6 Responses to “Finally we rest”

  1. Ignacio

    The only people who need to come to the meeting on Tuesday are those doing Valley of the Sun and not the 24 Hour race. So no Caleb you do not need to come.

  2. Steve Bohn

    I will not be able to come to the yoga class today but will hopefully join in on the Thursday recovery ride.

    • Steve Bohn

      I have a parent/teacher roundtable meeting at City High that will conflict with the ride today so I will not be able to make the ride this afternoon-sorry. 🙁