Thank you all for your patience and understanding today. The weather was unpredictable and I appreciate everyone being able to go with the flow.


Tomorrow it seems like many youth would like to give Kitt Peak a shot.


So if you riding out then lets leave the clubhouse at 8am.


I will need drivers for vans so please let me know if you can. The vans should depart by 8:30am.


Right now I have Michelle Helmke driving one, Mrs. Lambert will drive her minivan to the base of the mountain and up.


So I think we should have 2 more drivers ready, just in case we need all three vans.


Riders: Please bring extra clothes as coming down the mountain will be extremely cold. Dress how I want you to. Also please pack a good lunch for tomorrow.


I am going to save Sandra’s lunch for the camp out.


24 Hour Camp Out


We will leave at 9am on Tuesday. Please pack smart and warm.


We will return in the afternoon on Wednesday.


We will then take Thursday and Friday off.


Parents please come if you can.


We need fire wood, and snacks. We will be ready to make meals.


Riders PLEASE have your commuter lights packed and charged. Everyone will ride at some point at night.



5 Responses to “Kitt Peak Tuesday the 2nd and the 24 Hour Camp Out”

  1. Elena L'Annunziata

    Ignacio, I think I am feeling well enough to ride tomorrow. I can help drive one of the vans with Michelle, and take group 2 out

  2. Benedict Colombi

    I will be able to attend the camping trip on Tuesday.

  3. Erika Colombi

    Hi- ben is still not feeling 100% so he won’t be p. The ride tomorrow, he is planning on coming Tuesday for the camp out- I will send snacks with him- is there anything else he will need to bring/contribute? Thank you for all you do! Happy new year!

  4. Michelle Helmke

    I would like to ride out if possible but also drive a van if needed.

  5. Damon

    I can drive a van (if I can make it). Would like to ride from 3 points. But I will be flexible.