So today seems to be a disaster to ride. Even if we wait until one pm it is going to wet and cold.


Not the best weather, and I do not want anyone to get sick.


So here is what I propose.


We have guests from the Northwest with us and they all leave today. I would like to take them out to Sonoran Hot Dogs and Burritos. Can we all meet at 1pm and we can ride to a hot dog stand for a snack. $2 is what you need.


Kitt Peak!!


If you are interested in still riding this amazing mountain, I am willing to reschedule for tomorrow. Please post if this is of interest.


The 24 Hour Camping trip will be the same times even if we go to Kitt Peak. The change would be that we would take Thursday and Friday off.


All riders doing Valley you are invited to come on the camp out. It will be fun training and team building for sure.

15 Responses to “Lets Figure this out”

  1. Jeremia

    Brennan wont be able to make it for sonoran dogs, his flight leaves at 2

  2. Brian Wacik

    Since I’m already doing the Kitt Peak ride tomorrow with some friends (, I will be available. Their plan is to meet/park at the Chevron station in 3 Points and roll at 10am. My plan is to ride from home at 8am (Gates Pass area) and catch a ride from someone back afterwards. If there’s no ride available, I’m simply riding home. If EG does this ride, naturally I’ll switch to ride with the kids.

  3. Rogan

    I would like to go to kitt peak and you owe me a hot dog see you there

  4. Michelle Helmke

    Chuck and I are available to ride tomorrow. Jane Berger wants to come and help but wants to ride in a van if there’s room.

  5. Ana

    Gabrielle and I will be going for hot dogs but can’t make it for kitt peak because gabrielle will be leaving tomorrow.

  6. Alain Lambert

    Happy to ride with El Grupo and my wife is available to ride our mini-van to the summit and back for support and bring riders/bikes back.

  7. Lily

    I can’t make the lunch ride today but I’d be cool with Kitt Peak tomorrow!