Here we go. First race of the season. It will be a long season so lets prepare well.


I often talk about the little things and really they can’t be more important now. Early in the season is when you want to learn how to pack your bags for race day, check the website for start times, know what you like to eat before and after races. You want to learn these things early in the season so when the big races come you no longer have to think about these little things. You can just focus on the race and then on your recovery. So focus and learn the little things now.


One other thing to help keep things easy and low stress, is to always show up on race days on time. At least an hour and a half. So I will always try to get you to races with this time.


Lastly with the races being so early. GET TO BED!!!!!!




Micheal Jansky
PETZ Jeremia


You are all in this race. You need to be at the course with bike ready at 6am.


I will be at the clubhouse at 5:30am to help get things ready.


7:10 AM 30 mins Collegiate Men C
Junior Boys 15-18 Cat. 5



All junior girls that are race age 15-18 need to be at the course at 6:30am.

7:50AM 40 mins Collegiate Women A and B*
Junior Girls 15-18 Cat. 1/2/3 and Cat. 4/5*


Ethan and Matthew be on site at approx. 7am.

8:40 AM 50 mins Collegiate Men A and B*
Junior Boys 15-18 Cat 1/2/3 and Cat. 4*


All Juniors in this age group be on site at 9am

10:20AM 30 mins Women Cat. 4/5 (Beginner field)
Juniors (Boys & Girls) 9-12 / 13-14


Many of you older racers might want to do a second race. If so and you have raced in the morning. Then you need to be very smart and bring appropriate clothes and food to wait until the second race. You might also want to think about a way to take a nap.


12:40 PM 30 mins Men Cat. 4/5
1:20 PM 40 mins Women Cat 3/4

2:50 PM 40 mins Men Cat. 3/4
3:40 PM 60 mins Women Pro/1/2/3


Please let me know if you want to do a second race. This costs much extra so lets be smart.




Parents I need two drivers for the vans. Please let me know if you can help.


Everyone but Chloe, Ethan, Cara and Matthew:


We need to meet at the clubhouse at 6am. Please come dressed for the very cold and have clothing for very cold racing.


Bring a good large lunch like snack for after the race.


Hopefully we can leave right after the race. Most of you racers should be able to.


Chloe, Ethan, Cara and Matthew: You will probably leave at 10am.


All information for the races can be found here:


Also all registration information can be found here:



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  1. Pearl

    FYI to everyone racing Saturday: the direction of the race was changed, so it is now right turns