Dear parents and riders,

as you may have read in the January newsletter, El Grupo is partnering with Manzo Elementary school to start a new bike club! Manzo Elementary school is a neighborhood school right around the corner from us, this new partnership offers us a fantastic opportunity to share the love and joy of bikes with an underserved school. El Grupo youth will be paired to help assist in the bike club that will run twice a week on Mondays and Fridays for an hour from 4-5PM.

A semester long schedule of shifts will be sent out shortly via e-mail.

These shifts will be a mandatory part of our outreach responsibilities. If there is a scheduling conflict with the date assigned, youth MUST communicate this well in advance and should help to find their replacement.

This is an important component of El Grupo’s programming and a vital way to put our youth in leadership positions, teaching the next generation the love of cycling.


4 Responses to “Outreach at Manzo Elementary School”

  1. Lori Kindler

    TUSD middle school students do not get out of school until 3:50. We usually arrive at the clubhouse around 4:10 or 4:15, then the kids need to change out of their uniforms. It is always tight for the 4:30 practice start, so 4:00 is impossible. Is there a plan for working around this?

  2. Elena L'Annunziata

    unfortunately we cannot change the time of the bike club. This is part of their after school enrichment hour that they offer the kids and each club runs from 4-5PM. Having them there as close to 4:10 as possible will be fine. They will not need to be in their bike clothes for this so that should save some time. It is only twice in the entire semester, so hopefully not too much of a hassle. If they need to miss a practice to offset the time commitment, that is totally allowable as well. Hope this helps.