8am we leave. Please come ready.

If you want to get your kit on Sunday at our annual team presentation and supporter appreciation, you will need to:

  1. Show up no later than 2pm on Sunday ready to go for the event with the following
  2. Write on a half sheet of paper your NAME, AGE, and a sentence or two only about something you feel most proud about that you have done/achieved/felt sometime in the past year that El Grupo has made possible. Try to be specific and heartfelt. What has El Grupo made possible for you in your life this past year? These should be LEGIBLE by supporters who will be asking to read them in order to call you up for the presentation.

Please dress nicely as you will be meeting and talking with people who support YOU. Kits will be provided at the event for those who do the two things above and those who have met expectations for attendance to date.

Parents, Coaches, Volunteers – this event is for you, too, so PLEASE plan on coming and RSVP if you have not already.



4 Responses to “Sunday MTB & Important Info for Sunday event”

  1. Eve

    I can’t make it to the ride but I’ll be at the presentation. Sounds fun.