This Saturday we have been invited to participate in the Beyond Event. We have done so many years in the past and I really hope to have everyone on hand for this. Especially if you have not been to an outreach event in some time.


The Beyond event is a community event to remember and memorialize the victims of the shooting that happened here years ago with Gabby Giffords.


At the event we lead a kids bike ride. It starts at 1pm. I want all kids at Armory Park at 12:30pm. We will then be out for one hour and you will be done by 2pm.


Please be prepared to enjoy your morning ride on Saturday then be ready to enjoy this event.


Thank you all for trying your best to participate./

4 Responses to “This Saturday”

  1. Eve

    I’m still pretty sick and can’t make it to practice today. I am also going out of town this weekend and can’t make it this weekend.

  2. Caleb

    I can’t make on Saturday because I am going up to Phoenix to watch my brothers race with my parents.