This is the last weekend of our base season.


Either you have put the time and miles in with the appropriate effort or you have not. There is no make up time or extra credit. So lets make this last weekend great and go out strong.




Shoot Outs– Old Man 7:15. Big Boy 7:30.


No matter which one you do, everyone goes all the way around. Get the miles in.


I will be unable to attend as its the El Grupo Board retreat. So coaches help me keep the kids honest. EVERYONE goes all the way around.


If you are not going to be riding down to Mt Hopkins the next day, I would encourage all of you to find extra miles as well.


C Team Ride— 7:30 am start. Be ready for a long hard ride with Colin!



Sunday   MT Hopkins


This is the last of the big winter rides. Don’t miss it. It really is my favorite of the year.


This is another logistics master piece so please read carefully.


Elena, Daniela and I need one more, will be driving down to the base of the mountain. They will leave the clubhouse at 8:30am. Bring a lunch. If you are going down at this time its because you do not want to ride the mountain on a road bike. Understood. You will ride your mountain bike. Its still a long hard day.


If you are riding down to the mountain you need to know a few things,


You can ride up on a road bike, but its hard, and coming down is pretty sketchy. Yes it has been done by many an El Grupo youth before, but please be aware this may be the gnarliest ride you have ever done on a road bike.


If you have a cross bike you should definitely ride it instead of your road bike, and slick 28’s or 32’s are really good for this ride. If you have a set of spare wheels and tires I recommend bringing them in the van.


This is another big mountain so it will be a very cold decent with ice and snow, so be prepared.


I will lead the group riding down and we will leave the clubhouse at 8am. We will have vehicular support for the ride. The vans will be at the high way by the turn off for the mountain and we will be able to get water and change wheels and tires.


Once we get to the top of the mountain we will ride back down to the high way and load up there for the return.


This is a very long day. Bring plenty of food, dress properly, and get excited.

14 Responses to “This weekend”

  1. Ana

    I’m excited to be back this weekend! I will be riding in the van for Hopkins. So pumped!!

  2. ignacio rivera de rosales

    All C team riders. Challenge yourself to put on two good days this weekend. Yes I want all of you both days this weekend.

  3. Michelle Helmke

    I’ll be happy to ride the whole route Saturday plus extra miles.

  4. Brian Wacik

    “I’m all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble…”. More base miles…let’s all rock this weekend! Full shootout for me, and doing full ride from clubhouse Sunday. I’m excited!

  5. Sue

    Wont make it on Sunday, i’ll put in some extra miles on Saturday. See you then!

  6. Matt Jones

    I can be the third driver now that I’m over my cold, riding all the way down there would probably be a bit much for me right now.

  7. Benedict Colombi

    I cannot make it this Saturday, I have had an event planned since a week ago. However I will make it on Sunday.

  8. Myles

    I had a great trip to Baja and will be in the vans for hopkins, I can’t make it on Saturday.

  9. Kaileen W.

    Sry for the late post but I won’t be able to ride Hopkins.

  10. Caleb

    I have a stomach virus so I could not be there yesterday and won’t be there today. I thought it would be better today but it is not.