Please read, pack and plan accordingly.
Bring a lunch and plenty of snacks as well.
Start times:
9:35:30 Sam Zukowsky
9:36:00 Zaid Murrieta
9:36:30 Matthew Riccitello
9:37:00 Ethan Overson
9:37:30 Cole Lanning
9:38:00 Keenan Duncan
9:38:30 Ben Duncan
9:39:00 Richard Knutson
9:39:30 Max Cronyn
6:30 Arrive at Clubhouse, load van and trailer
7:00 Leave Cubhouse
7:45 Arrive at Start, set up tents and trainers
8:30 Begin Warm-up
9:30 Riders to Race Start
10:00 Riders Finish, cool down then load van and trailer
10:30 Leave Race
Dependant on Weather:
11:00 Arrive at VoS RR course, ride one lap
12:00 Depart back to Tucson
1:15 Arrive at Clubhouse, unload trailer
Thoughts for riders:
Dress warm, bring a rain jacket. Bring warm clothing for the race, and bring a second set of riding clothes in case we ride the VoS course.
Bring an extra set of dry civilian clothes to put on as well.
We will all be on trainers for the warm-up. We will have tents set up so we can stay dry until it is time to race.
Be safe during the race, keep your head up and ride hard. The road will likely be wet, so take an extra second or two to safely negotiate the turnaround.
A reminder from the USAC rulebook:
3E6. Rider Conduct. (a) On an out-and-back course, riders shall stay to the right of the centerline or enforcement line at all times. (b) No rider shall take pace behind another rider closer than 25 meters (80 feet) ahead or 2 meters (7 feet) to the side. (c) No two riders may ride abreast other than when attempting to pass and such attempts shall not be maintained beyond a distance of 500 meters. If the pass is not made cleanly within 500 meters, the caught rider must drop back to a distance 25 meters behind the rider who caught him.