I could write about the races we won this weekend. I could write about the podiums spots we garnered.


While they are wonderful, and inspiring on their own, they do not tell the story that we will remember and will help us become successful adults.


The stories that matter to me are the ones about the kids who get back up after crashing, that attack get caught and attack again. I like the stories about the kids who get dropped and fight like all get out to get back with the group. Or the one where the teammate drills it at the front of the group decimates the field thus launching his teammate to the win. I could put names and details on each one of these stories, but I won’t this time. I want the kids to personally own their own story of achievement from this weekend. Sometimes we don’t need to post the picture, or trumpet the courage. Sometimes we should just quietly own our own brilliance. Each one of you has your story and its as great as one one else.


While coaching this weekend I kept coming back to the idea, that one of my major goals is to teach everyone of you how to take good chances in life. How to assess situations and take good chances when they are presented. So when life offers you an opportunity you have the courage to take it. Learning how to attack in a race is no different then taking the harder class in school or applying to the college of your dreams.


Training Plan


This is a week 3. These are the hardest weeks in training. You are already tired, you are hurting, but you know you are strong. These are the weeks where we get the biggest bang in our training. These are the hardest weeks but they are worth the most.


Emotionally prepare for the week. Know that this is the money making week. If you can truly follow through the big bang will be had. Also know that next week will be a rest week, so stay strong and follow through.


Tuesday– Skills at the park. NO SPANDIES. Road Bikes . 3rd change.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 road rides only. LT intervals


Thursday– 4:30 LT intervals. This is different to what  I had up yesterday.


Saturday– C Team ride 7:30am start.

Old Man 7:15 start. With a Madera Canyon Option.


Sunday– 8am start. Mt Lemmon or MTB fun day

3 Responses to “Week of January 30th”

  1. Diego Behshad

    I will be there Thursday but on Saturday and Sunday are our playoffs so I won’t be able to come this is my last week of basketball.

    • Steve Bohn

      I will be there today, (Wed.) but ned to be back by 6:00 for a TBC meeting shortly afterwards.
      Diego-good luck in the basketball playoffs!