Saturday— 15- 18 Boys racing the Tolero Crit. Cole, Patrick,Quinn, jack, Jeremiah, Dillon, Zaid, Kajeme, Collin, Alex.


First race start at 7:55 am. We will ride down to the start at 6:30am from the clubhouse. Have your lights and USA cycling License information


11am is the second race and I want all  of you to do it.


After the race we will return to the clubhouse to get cleaned up. We will leave for Phoenix at 1pm.


Saturday C team ride– If you are not racing the crit, and you are not going to Phoenix, there is a ride for you. Colin will lead the ride that start at 8am.


Saturday– If you are not racing and you typically ride the Shoot Out then you should do so. Even if you are racing on Sunday.


Saturday– If you are racing on Sunday —Brian will be leading a ride for you that starts at 8am.


Both of these rides should end by 10am ish.


Those of you racing on Sunday will then pack up the vans and drive up to Phoenix. You can shower at my house.


Sunday– NO ride for those not racing. So please make the Saturday ride.


Sunday Racers– We are only doing the Junior race so we should be able to leave Phoenix by 9:30am. That should mean we arrive back into town by Noon—ish.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Please VOTE for El Grupo to win the Summit Hut Banff Film Festival grant!


This is not a new or mandatory practice. This is something wonderful that Amy is offering. This is for riders, coaches and parents!!!


This new Monday afternoon functional yoga class can serve as a nice recovery activity after upcoming weekend races/rides. Amy Vitt (Lily’s mom) is a Corrective and Functional Movement Specialist with 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry. She is creating this functional yoga class for El Grupo riders and coaches starting this coming Monday 2/13. Please join her to experience it for yourself because it is different from most other forms of yoga.
Yoga for Cyclists
Starts on Monday 2/13
4:45-5:45 pm (arrive 10 min early so we can start on time)
$5 cash for Grupo riders and coaches, $10 for other cyclists
Bring a mat if you have one!

Near U of A at Rooted Studio at 1600 Tucson Blvd between Speedway and Grant. The entrance is on the south side of the building off of Lee Street. Plenty of parking and there is a bike rack near the entrance.

Amy describing her class:

The type of yoga I teach is very functional, meaning it gives each cyclist the opportunity to reshape fascia (connective tissue), create balanced strength, and improve range of motion throughout the body. It will help with posture on and off the bike which results in less discomfort and greater accessibility to the ‘right’ muscles while on the bike. It will ease low back pain. It will help knee pain. Overall, it will support your process of recovery. It is not an ‘easy’ form of yoga — but you will feel longer, open and more fluid afterwards.
Any questions or concerns, contact Amy at 919-260-0236 or or visit her website:


24 Hour News and Notes. 


All Youth will be given a Gear List on Tuesday, a spread sheet of exactly what to bring.


I hope that all youth can leave on Friday morning at 9am to head to the race.


Families if you have a good tent that could be used please drop it off at pick up from the Sunday race group.


URGENT: we need one more generator. Does anyone have one?


Monday– I will be driving up with a few other wonderful people to build camp. I want all tents by this time, firewood, tables and chairs.


6 Responses to “Lots of Information and Opportunities: Please read carefully”

  1. Becki Major

    The earliest we (me and Madison) can leave on Friday is 1:30 from the clubhouse. It is too important for her to not miss her math class, especially since she will miss 5 days of class for TBC and San Dimas. I have signed up to drive riders to the 24-hour course on Friday. Please know that I can take three more kids and no bikes.

  2. Becki Major

    We also can donate plenty of firewood. David can bring this with him when he comes up Friday morning, unless you need it beforehand.

  3. Jeff Yockey

    I stopped by the clubhouse to drop off a tent, but the team had not arrived back yet. Can I drop it off sometime today (Monday). I work downtown so almost any time will work.

    • Daniela

      Actually this morning would be better if you can. Ignacio and others are meeting at the clubhouse at 8am to go up to course to set up tents. Otherwise, afternoon is fine, too