We are one week away from a huge racing block.


I know many of you are tired and that you have not fully recovered from the VOS/ 24 hour weekend, and I want to be careful to not cook you before this block.


Next weekend the


10, 11th and 12th is the Colossal Cave Omnium,


17, 18th and 19th is TBC and then


24th, 25th and 26th is San Dimas.


This is quite a bit of racing.


Lets make sure that we are rested and ready.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Road ride


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 road ride


Thursday– Road Ride


Saturday– Shoot outs (OMSO 6:45AM start time & Big Boy 7:00AM start time) and C team ride starts at 7:20am (El Rio Health Fair & Let’s Get Fit Health Fair following the ride)


Sunday– 8am road ride


Other news and Notes:


This weekend on Saturday is a Health Fair at the EL Rio Health Center on Speedway. If you have had trouble getting to Manzo then I expect you at this event. I need 3 people.


Burma and Beyond

A talk by Willie Weir Tuesday March 7th at 7PM at Performance Bicycle, 3302 E Speedway. A benefit for El Grupo Youth Cycling, Living Streets Alliance and LOOK! Save a Life. Join Willie Weir adventure cyclist for an evening of stories and adventures from his travels through Burma/Myanmar from being tossed out of a monastery, hosted by the police, greeted by a bazillion friendly people, and never once chased by a dog.


Suggested donation $10 at the door, $5 goes immediately to your choice of El Grupo Youth Cycling, Living Streets Alliance or LOOK! Save a Life.


Bring a chair or pillow to sit on, presentation will be downstairs at performance Bicycle on Speedway


Questions or more info? Call Steve Wilson 520-870-5282

5 Responses to “One more week till the fun begins”

  1. Steve Bohn

    I will not be able to help out on Wed practice but should be good on Thursday.

  2. Michael Jansky

    I would like to go to the El Rio fair on Saturday. Where? What time?

  3. Madison

    I have a lifeguard screening on Saturday at 9am so I may or may not be doing the shoot out. If I do I will go to the bridge and back.

  4. Ana

    I have Jazz bad rehearsal Thursday so I won’t be able to go to practice