Rest week does not mean dumb week.


We can still work on fundamentals, we can still work on skills, we can still work on the details.


These are actually the most important weeks as they are when we slow down and focus on the details.


Please don’t ever think that recovery means, unimportant. These weeks are actually the most important.


You don’t ever get faster sitting on the couch, but you only get fatter when you sit on the couch.


I am just off the couch from watching the super bowl so I am a bit excited.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Recovery Ride


Wednesday— 4:3o Only  Barrio Trails


Thursday– TT starts and turns.


I will post again tomorrow after my post Super Bowl Excitement

One Response to “Rest week rest week”

  1. Rogan

    I think you mean couch ? But if you want me to sit on you I can do that too