My family was invited on an amazing adventure by one of our board members, we are going to fly in a small plane to Pagosa Springs, Colorado to take Damiano skiing for the first time.


That means that I will not be around until Sunday.


So please youth, be extra ready these next few days. Make things as easy as possible on the coaches and be respectful.


Training Plan


Thursday– Two Ride options


One- 8am start with Elena and Brian Wasik. You will ride over Gates and to McCains. You will ride McCains 3 times to practice for the TBC time trial. Approx 2-2.5 hour ride

Some of you will then ride back over Gates and call it a day. Others of you will continue to ride and go back over Picture Rocks. This will be a longer ride, so please prepare. Approx 3-4 hour ride


Two– Regular 4:30-6:30PM practice. Laps of the TBC circuit course.


Friday– OFF


Saturday– As posted on the previous blog post. Colin your ride starts at 7:30am.

Shoot outers– If you typically make it around on the Old Man then please ride Madera Approx 5 hour ride. If you ride the big boy then please as well ride Madera Approx 5 hour ride.



Sunday– I will be back to ride mt Lemmon. We will leave at 8am Approx 3-3.5 hour ride.

4 Responses to “Rodeo Weekend”

  1. Ana

    I won’t be able to make it on Sunday. I’m going to be in Phoenix. Hope the skiing goes well!

  2. Lily

    Can’t ride Saturday b/c we r moving that day:( Will be there Sunday though

  3. Eve

    I won’t be able to make it on Sunday,I have a lot of homework to finish before Monday.