We will have practice this week just like any other week.


Tuesday: Recovery ride and some skills at the park.


Wednesday: Valley riders you will be on road bikes, going on a recovery ride with maybe one opener.

24 Hour Riders we will be playing at Barrio Trails.


Thursday: Everyone will practice TT starts and turns. Valley riders please ride with the TT helmet that you hope to use so as to try and get comfortable with it.


Saturday: Tolero Crit. The event is going to take place at the Bio Park at 36th and Kino. The same crit course that we use all the time during practice. It will be very important for all of the 17-18 boys to participate so that we can score upgrade points. The race starts at 7:55 so we are going to need to be there by 6:30am at the latest. All junior girls this is the same start time for you as well.


I do not know if we will stay around to do the category races after.


Reason is the next day is the State Championship Crit race in Fountain Hills. The races start stupid early for the Juniors and I want us all ready to have fun.


Typically we would camp at this venue but we called a month in advance and all camping was already booked. So with the help of Damon Overson, we have secured a house in the Scottsdale area. We paid quite a bit for it and so we are going to ask everyone to chip in a little.


I want to show up in force at the State Crit. I want all kids to ride and race.


So if you are going I am going to ask that everyone chips in $10 to stay at the house.


The reason that we might not stay for the later races at Tolero is that they start at 12:50pm for the girls and 11am for the boys. If we stay till that time, we then need to pack up the trailers and leave for Phoenix. If hang out in town until 2pm, that just makes Saturday super long.


What do you all think?

5 Responses to “This week and weekend”

  1. Alex lambert

    Sounds good. i think we should leave as early as possible on saturday so we can rest.

  2. Madison

    Sounds like a great week. I agree to leave early from the races on Saturday.

  3. Sue

    Sounds like a wonderful week, I agree with Madison and Alex it would be a good idea to leave early. Gotta rest up for state!

  4. Ana

    I vote for leaving early aswell! I’m super pumped for this weekend!!

  5. Ethan Overson

    I won’t be able to make it today, I have the science fair.