This weekend


Saturday– Everyone please be ready for a big ride. C Team I want you around. Colin will be ready for you to leave at 7:30am. Be punctual and ready.


Sunday– MTB ride will go to Starr Pass 8AM. I would like to go to the 24 hour course, but that becomes an all day affair, and we have two travel weekends back to back coming up, so lets chill just a bit and get home sooner on Sunday.


Next weekend


We are going to race both days. Saturday there is a crit at the U of A Bio park site. That is where we practice. This is especially important for all the 17-18 year old boys. We need to score up grade points and this will be an easy place to poach points.


Next weekend then after this race we are going to pack up and drive to Phoenix. The State Crit will be the next day. We are still trying to find a house to rent for the night as the camp ground is totally full. So if anyone knows of a house we could stay in that would be magic.





Please go to your USA cycling account. You have all the information you need to access your account, and please print out all of your results from the results page. I want to show you all how to calculate your upgrade points.



5 Responses to “This weekend and next weekend”

  1. Maddy Mitchell

    I was sick on Thursaday and today, so I won’t be at the C team ride. I will try to get better by Sunday!

  2. Oliver

    I will not be able to make it to the ride today because Ben is out of town and I need to finish science fair without him.