Riders and parents! We have a C team ride scheduled for you this weekend at 7:30AM, it will be approximately a 3 hour endurance ride lead by the awesome mr. Joe Davey with the assistance of veteran rider Sam Alexander.

OK, I know many of you are on spring break. Please make the effort to come on this ride. If you CANNOT make it, please respond to this post. Low attendance and I will cancel it. Let’s make it happen, the weather should be fantastic!


8 Responses to “Saturday C team Ride”

  1. Maddy Mitchell

    I am going to be visiting my grandma on Saturday, so I won’t be at practice, but I will make an effort to get on the bike.

  2. Maddy Mitchell

    Also, I cannot come to practice today. I am still sick. I am trying to get better, and will make an effort to ride.

    • Elena

      But you’ll be there Sunday right? Mandatory trail building 🙂

  3. Eve

    I have a softball tournament in Phoenix so I can’t make it all weekend. 🙁

    • Elena

      Glad you made it to Barrio, you are the queen of footdown. Good luck in your tournament !!