Cat 5 men 7:03 start time     45 miles


Women 3/4       7:09 start time    54 miles


Women Cat 5       7:12               45 miles



You will need to be at the start with your license and race day form at 5:45am.


This means that you need to leave the clubhouse at 5am ish.


Please be at the clubhouse at 4:30am to load bikes.


I know this is crazy early, but we really have no choice.


Remember to have you license available, bring a good snack and a change of clothes. Also bring a bag big enough that I do not have to make a pile of stuff again.


You can find what category you are in here:



Second wave we need to be at the start at 9:15 so lets meet at the clubhouse at 8:45am.


Cat 3 Men 10: 48 start time    63 miles


Cat 4 men and Cat 1/2 Women start is at 10:54 and you are racing 54 miles.


You will all be riding home as well. Please bring plenty of food and good bag to pack you things.


Hydrate today and please bring cold bottles.

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    • Daniela Diamente

      Good question, Madison. NO, we will all need to get new numbers in the morning!