Here we go!!!!!!!


We must remember that you must complete each stage to start the next. You have to finish each race to start the next. You will be wearing the same race number all weekend, so do not loose it. You must wear an El Grupo jersey every stage and preferably this years. Especially this years on Sunday.


Friday— Tomorrow— is the Time Trial. The staging area for the event is at Old Tucson Studios. That is where I will be parking and is where you can meet us (if need be).


We are going to head out there in three waves with three different vans. If you want to meet us out there that is just fine. Please just let me know that.


1st wave of Friday races– All of the Ladies racing category. We need to leave the clubhouse at 10am. That gets us there at 10:30am and hopefully set up by 11amsih. It will take awhile as we need to set up tents.


This is where we need the most help on Friday. Please if you can come out with the ladies and help them set up tents, tables and trainers.


2nd Wave on Friday– All Riders racing in Junior categories you will be leaving the clubhouse at 11:30am.


3rd Wave on Friday– All Men racing in category you will leave the clubhouse at Noon.


Daniela will drive the 1st van. I will drive the 2nd van,


Who can drive the 3rd van?


Also once each group of racers is done, we will send you home in a van. You will not have to wait around for everyone to finish.


Please bring a change of clothes, some food, sun screen and your game face. Wear a skin suit if you have one and remember your aero helmet (from paint shed)


All start times can be found here:




All Juniors, Women 3’s and Men 5—— You are the early wave. The first race goes off at 6:45am. So you need to be there at 5:45am. That means you need to leave the clubhouse at 5am. Have warm clothes on in the morning to stay warm while warming up. Remember a change of clothes and food for after. You will be wearing the same number all weekend, so do not forget it. One van will be leaving in the morning and Daniela will drive it. Many parents are going and we may need help with transporting people in the morning, too.


Distance and exact start times can be found here:


All other racers our first race starts at 9am. We need to be there no later than 7:45am. So lets leave the clubhouse at 7am. I will be there at 6:45am.


We will need to drive 2 vans. I will drive one. Who can drive the other? Richard?





Three Waves today. We will all ride to the start from the clubhouse. Have your bag packed so that you can ride to the start line at Pima West. There will be a van with a trailer there for you to leave your stuff. I will have plenty of water there, skratchlabs and all that stuff. Please bring a change of clothes and plan on cheering for teammates in the later waves.


1st wave Women  3 and women 4/5 — We need to leave at 5:45 am from the clubhouse. I will drive behind you as we head there.


2nd Wave– Men 4 and 5 and All Juniors. You need to leave the clubhouse at 7:40am super sharp. You will ride to the start. Have your bags and snacks packed.


3rd wave–Women 2, Men 2 and 3. Please leave the clubhouse at 9:15am at the latest. Please ride together to the start.


Looking forward to a great weekend for all of El Grupo – whether it is your first stage race, or looking to win GC – let’s all be ready to support one another in having a lot of confidence and camaraderie this weekend, and having a lot of fun, too!

Thanks so much to all those who have signed up to volunteer for the event!






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  1. Ali

    I have to work, so I’ll see all the 1st wave folks there. Woohoo!

  2. CollIn Kisiel

    I will be going with my mom and Ethan to the time trial course.