Thank you to all the parents, coaches and supporters who came out to help this weekend. There is no way we can do what we do without you.


Thank You!!!


There are two parts to this post so find the one that is pertinent to you:


If you are going to San Dimas. Please look at your email. Daniela has sent you all a bunch of information. Please read it carefully so that you are up to date on the plan.


We are now going to leave at 1pm. Please arrive at 12:30pm to help pack. I will email a packing list to help you.


Please ride at the very least on Tuesday. Ride for a super easy hour. But please have moved before you get into the vans.


If you are going to San Dimas you can stop reading here.



Those of you not going to San Dimas.


Your next goals are 5 and 6 weeks out. In 5 weeks is the Whiskey Off Road, and then the following weekend is the State Road Race Championships. Whiskey is the weekend of April the 29th and 30th, while the state road race is the weekend of May 6thand 7th.


That means we have time to do a proper build and we have time to take a proper rest after two hard weekends of racing.


There is going to be practice this week at the regular times because that is when we have the volunteer coaches available. If you are on Spring Break and you want to ride with your friends, that is great. Just tell people where you are going and what you are doing.


This week is going to be a recovery week for you all in town. This recovery will allow us to soak in the racing fitness and to prepare us for the hard work to come.


Tuesday—NO Spandies. Go play at the park and practice skills.


Wednesday3:45 and 4:30pm rides. Endurance. Just a nice cruise. No one should come home tired. This should be on the easy side of endurance.


Thursday—Barrio Trials Play day. NO SPANDIES


Saturday—Old Man at 7am.

                    Colin is out of town, so if any coaches can step up and lead a ride that would be fantastic for the C team kids. 


Sunday: Trail build day followed by MTB! (Mandatory) The build part is mandatory, the ride is optional as some of you might need to get home.


We have a unique opportunity to work with the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB) an all-volunteer organization devoted to the promotion of the sport of mountain bicycling! SDMB volunteers have built nearly 3/4 mile of awesome trail at Starr Pass since the first of the year, and they need your help to complete the remaining .6 miles to connect the 4-Way with the Beer Garden.  This is an amazing opportunity to give back and help build a trail that we will then get to ride!!

 Build Day runs from 7-11 AM (ride after lunch around 1230PM contingent on coach support. High temps predicted to only be 76 back at clubhouse 4PM)

·  Load trailer and leave clubhouse by 6:30Am to meet at the Genser Trailhead at 7AM

·  Bring water/snacks, sun protection, long pants, and closed-toe shoes.  Work gloves are encouraged, but they have loaners if need be.

·  It’s about 1.5 miles each way from the lot to the work site, so bring a backpack plan on a nice hike and carry whatever you need.  They will shuttle in tools most of the way.

·  All participants must have SDMB and Pima County waivers signed by a parent or guardian.  Elena will e-mail these out, please sign and get back to her prior to Thursday. 

·  SDMB will provide lunch and water/sodas back at the lot after the event.

·  I will need a solid(ish) head count by end of day Thursday before the event to make sure we have enough lunches, tools, etc.

13 Responses to “The week ahead training plan and more!”

  1. Ana

    I will be there Wednesday for practice and Sunday all day for sure! I can’t come a lot this week. I have a club on Tuesday that I’ve been missing for the training for races and I have jazz rehearsal on Thursday. Also, Saturday we are going to my mom’s program field trip that I have never been able to go to. I will make sure I get a ride in for those days. Sorry!!

  2. Maddy Mitchell

    I got very sick over night, so I won’t be at practice today.

  3. Sue

    I’ll try and be there sunday, morning for sure hopefully all day!

  4. Donald Lewis

    Elena, count me in for the build day on Sunday. I have worked this trail twice before so I want to see it finished. I would also ride after lunch with the kids. If you need some help that morning at the Clubhouse, let me know, otherwise I will go to the trail head.

    • Elena

      That is awesome! So you’re planning on both the trail build and ride?! Yaya!!! You should have my number so we can be in touch just in case anything comes up 707.499.0175 I am not sure what part of the trail we are working on, but the SDMB crew will be taking us to there from the trailhead. See you then if not sooner (hopefully sooner)

  5. Steve Bohn

    Elena and Ignacio-I am sorry I will not be able to make it to practice today-way too much to finish before I leave town. Congrats to all of EG and the great results and best of luck in San Dimas!

    • Elena

      OMG awesome! Do you want to come with us in the EG van from the clubhouse? I could use an extra hand corralling the youth to leave on time.

      • ali

        I would like to ride with you folks in the van from the club house.

  6. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    I am sick, so I will not make it to practice today

  7. Maddy Mitchell

    I rode 2 hours today, and I’m going on a ride later tonight with my dad, so I can’t make it to practice. I also am still contagious, and I don’t want to get anyone sick.

    • Elena

      Good for you going on a ride, and sorry to hear you are sick! Get better OK!!

  8. Sue

    Hey! I wont be at practice today. I am however riding to school tomorrow to make you for it. See you at practice tomorrow!