Holy smokes am I tired. I actually thought I had put something up.


This week:


If you did not go to San Dimas.


Tuesday– Road bike intervals


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 MTB rides at Starr Pass area


Thursday– Road bike intervals at Crit Course


San Dimas Riders:


Tuesday– OFF


Wednesday– Fun day in the dirt MTB’s


Thursday– Road ride





Saturday– Shoot outs or C team ride that will start at 7am.


Colin you choose Road or MTB


Sunday– Very Important group ride with the Tucson Masters Club. They are big sponsors of ours and they would like to join us for a ride. We will break up into two to three groups so we will have appropriate rides for all levels.


Also on Sunday after the ride is Cyclovia. We have a booth set up on course and we will be asking some of you to help. Those not helping on Cyclovia will help next weekend at the swap meet. If you prefer one or the other please let us know. You only have to help with one.


Meet at 7am in clean kit at Clubhouse. Ride for 2-3 hours then snacks and food after the ride.

11 Responses to “Week of March 27th”

  1. Benedict Colombi

    I will not be able to attend practice Saturday due to one of my best friend’s bar mitzfa service

  2. Izzie

    Does the ride on Wednesday start at 3:45 or 4:30 for Dimas riders? I just want to double check.

  3. Madison

    Is there practice at 3:45 on Wednesday? I would like to attend Cyclovia.

  4. Michael Jansky

    I will not be in Tucson until April 7th, Im going on a school trip.

  5. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    Has it been decide whether the C team is doing a road or mountain bike ride on Saturday? Because my ride bike is broken.