Saturday– Shoot Out times have changed.

Old Man 6:45am

Big Boy 7:00am

C Team ride 7:20am


Also on Saturday there is an outreach possibility at the El Rio Center on Speedway that is just west of the School for the Deaf and Blind and the highway. That event is from 10am to 1pm. Lunch will be provided. Donovan is setting up and I will take over directly after the shoot out after I have showered and changed. Micheal Jansky is coming with me and hopefully one or two more.


Others of you have signed up for a different outreach event at the Childrens Museum. If you have you must ride the whole Shoot Out route first. I have confirmed this with Elena so don’t try it.


Saturday– No Madera Canyon this week. I don’t want to cook you and I want a good Sunday.


Sunday– 8am start. We will either ride Mt Lemmon or we will go back to McCains loop to practice for the TBC time trial.

2 Responses to “Weekend of March 4th and 5th”

  1. Mitchell

    I am not feeling well today, so that’s why I was not at practice.