Saturday– Three ride options


6:15 Old Man shoot out with Madera option

6:30am Big Boy with Madera option

7am C Team Ride with Colin. Mountain biking 3 hours at least



Sunday– Tucson Masters Joint ride


Everyone is expected. 7am show up at Clubhouse with clean kit, that does not have holes.

Ride leaves at 7:30am.

Approx. 2- 3 hours


After the ride is CYCLOVIA. Some of you have responded that you would like to help. THANK YOU!!


I would like though for all San Dimas, thus Gila riders, to come and help for an hour or two.


Next weekend is the swap meet and Gila riders you will be out riding, so if you could help just an hour on Sunday that would be real nice.

One Response to “Weekend update”

  1. Matthew

    I think the Big Boy starts at 6:30 and the OM at 6:15 now.