1st. Whiskey Notes


Leaving Times


Thursday with Morgan. 10 am Leaving the clubhouse.


Thursday with Lynn. 4pm leaving the clubhouse.


Friday. 10am. I need a driver for Mostyn and Jeremiah. ANYBODY!!!!????


Mostyn and Jeremiah could you go Thursday after school?


2nd. Next weekend the 5th and 6th of May is the State Championship Road Race


It is going to be held in Duncan, Arizona.


This would be travel trip as the racing starts early on Saturday. We would leave town Friday after school and we can sleep in the gym of the local school. We would then be able to race on Saturday and Sunday.


I like to honor the Championship races, so I am inclined to say lets go.


They are actually going to have road races on Saturday and Sunday. Duncan is just on the west end of the Gila Wilderness. Patrick did this race last year and thought it was awesome.


I think we should honor the Championship race and it is just good training, especially if you are going to Nationals or L’Abitibi camp.



2 Responses to “2 Points of Information”

  1. Michael

    Did you forget me? I signed up for leaving Friday morning. Is there someone to take me or not?