Riders and Distances:


30 Mile event

Ada, Caleb, Mostyn, Brayden, Ben, Michael, Maddy, Oliver


50 Mile event

Ana, Dillon, Kaileen, Myles, Susie, Jeremiah, Izaac


20 Mile Friday event

Damiano, Daniel Walker, Ignacio


Coaches riding the 50

Ignacio, Elena, Chuck, Lynn, Morgan


I will have all registration forms at practice on Tuesday, THEY MUST BE FILLED OUT ON TUESDAY!


I have to hand them in on Wednesday, so if you don’t come on Tuesday I can’t sign you up.


Departure days and Times


Thursday– Ignacio will be driving up mid day with Daniel and Damiano to prepare camp and get them ready for their event.


Thursday after school– Morgan would like to drive up. Can he drive a large crew. He would like to bring a van full. Who can leave then?


Friday– Lynn will be driving up. Probably mid morning. Who would like to leave then?


We will be returning on Sunday mid-morning. We will stay the night on Saturday and enjoy our races. We will eat breakfast and pack up on Sunday morning.


I will email out a gear list, but yes everyone will need camping gear. Tents, sleeping bags, mats and pillows





9 Responses to “3 of 3: Whiskey details and notes”

  1. Myles

    Myles will go up Thursday with Morgan.
    I would love to ride in the van on Friday morning if there is space. Shannon