Post one of three for today.


This one is in regards to what the training plan is for this week.


There are two plans. One for Whiskey riders and one for Gila Riders.


Whiskey Riders: We have no more time to train. It is all about recovering now and being rested. You have either put the time in, or you have not. There is nothing more to do.


Tuesday: MTB recovery ride


Wednesday: Off


Thursday: Some of you will be leaving to head to Prescott


Friday: Opener ride in Prescott



Gila Riders: Well done. Many of you are thinking about going to L’Abitibit camp and if so then we have 7 weeks to train and prepare. If you are not going to that camp then you still have the State Road and State Time trial. However right now you need to rest, and let the race fitness soak in. You probably also need to catch up on some school work.


Tuesday: Off or personal recovery ride


Wednesday: Recovery ride. 3:45 only


Thursday: Endurance ride


Saturday: Crush the shoot out


Sunday: 3 Hour endurance ride