It really is the best crit course in history of all courses.


It has everything except a right turn. It is four left turns but boy oh boy are they special. Coming out of turn two you are presented with a 13% hill that you cannot see over, and when you come off of it you hit turn 3 at crazy speeds which only leads to more downhill and a turn 4 to the finish that if you do not take at 30 mph you are going to get eaten alive by the people behind you.


It really is the best crit in the in land.


You can see the whole course in this video.


The cat 4 boys and the cat 3 girls had the same objective today. We wanted to go for the win and we wanted to take the chance to race as a team.


Well bravo to all, as mission accomplished. They raced as a team and went for it.


They went for it the same way as well. The goal was to have a lead out coming out of turn 2. Put someone on the front then have a train that would take our sprinter to the finish.


We did so in both races.


In the cat 3 ladies race, Madison was the teammate of the year. Winning the hill and turn three, with Chloe as the sprinter on her wheel. Then Izzy found Chloe, unfortunately late, but got Chloe to turn four but did not hit the gas coming out of the turn so Chloe had to come out early, but was able to hang on for fourth. So a fine finish and beautiful team work. Lilly had you been there we could have had it. Nudge, nudge


The cat 4 boys had almost the same experience. We went all in as a team. We lined it out. Quinn took the hill and had us in position but poor Dennis ran out of gas a gap formed. However Patrick, Zaid and Kajeme were able to pull things back together enough and Zaid led his brother out to fourth place. Again we raced as a team.


I am a very proud coach to know that they all trusted each other enough to race for each other. They forgot about their personal goals and raced for the team. Yeah that is what I love, and I am confident that, that is what they will remember for years to come.


Matthew and Ethan protected their GC spots and have everything to race for tomorrow.