It is going to be cold in Prescott. Low’s in the high 30’s. Please pack appropriately.


We will be racing in very cold temperatures as well, around 50- 70 degrees. This will feel very cold to us. Please have vests, arm warmers, under warmers, and knee warmers ready. It’s hard to feel good if you are cold.


Driving logistics so far


Thursday Mid-morning leaving– Ignacio, Damiano and Daniel Walker


Thursday  after school– Lynn, Ana,, Kaileen,, Susie, Brayden,. Those of you leaving at this time. Please be very ready to go. Have everything packed. Also you can load things on Tuesday to make things even easier.


Thursday mid Morning– Morgan, Izaac, Myles , Ben


Friday mid morning –Micheal, Mostyn,


I need to hear from Ada, Dillon, Caleb, Maddy, Oliver and Jeremiah

6 Responses to “More Whiskey Notes”

  1. Ali

    I am coming, but can’t leave until after work on Friday. Can you send me the campground info so I can locate you Friday eve?

  2. Dillon

    Change of plans, I can come on Thursday, but after school, I don’t want to fall behind anymore than I have to. Is there an exact time you want us at the clubhouse?