Thank you to everyone who helped at the swap meet. Things went extremely well. Events like this go a long way in ensuring that we can provide cost effective programming.


This coming weekend we in fact have another fundraiser and we sure need all hands on deck.


Riders—We have secured a donor that is going to help with your registrations. It is a mandatory ride, so yes I expect all of you to participate. I will go over registration procedures at practice.


Parents we certainly need help, please look at previous emails and the doodle poll.




Again we will have two different training plans for which every event you are targeting:


Gila riders: This is our last week so really start to think about the little things. Gila will be your longest stage race of the year and you will need all your powers. Also this is why we have been doing intervals back to back and having big weekends. We need to train for what we are going to be racing.


Tuesday: 4x 8 Under—Overs. We might be back closer to 6:30pm so please plan accordingly.


Wednesday: TT Practice. 4x 10. 3:45 only


Thursday: We will start to recover. Recovery ride easy




Sunday: Off




Whiskey riders: We are going to be on MTB’s every day this week.  Make sure your MTB is ready and ready to go up hill.


Tuesday—A Mtn repeats with Trail


Wednesday—Steady Trail Ride 3:45 and 4:30


Thursday—Short Track Racing. We might be back late this day, so please plan accordingly.




Sunday—Big Ride. I know it is Easter, so this will be optional. But if you can make it, that would be so good.



I imagine many of your watched the race on Sunday. If not, please take some time if you can. I like this piece below.