Whiskey Riders:


We have one more week to get you ready. Make sure your bike is working well and that you are starting to emotionally prepare. Get to as many rides as you can and make them count.


All this week you will be on mountain bikes


Tuesday– Over Unders on A Mtn with the trail descent. So go up, over and under, 4 times, then return down on the trail


Wednesday– The longest trail ride your group can put together


Thursday– Short Track races. Plan to be back at 6:30. ┬áThree, three lap races


Saturday– Shoot Out if you can.


Sunday– Long Trail ride. I have ideas.


Gila riders:


It will come down to did you rest enough and get on your bike enough to stay fresh. If you are not leaving with me on Tuesday, then please get on your bikes on Tuesday during practice time. Ride for an easy hour with an opener or two, or give a descent A mtn effort.


I will be sending you all a packing list. Beds are there, however you need pillows and sleeping bags. Also it is much colder there so pack sweatshirts, vests and arm warmers.

2 Responses to “Week of April 17th”

  1. Samuel

    I won’t make it to practice today
    I have a lot of homework to do