This is going to be a busy month so please read, come and have fun.


This weekend on Sunday is the Swap meet. All of you who are doing Whiskey are being asked to come and help. Elena sent out a doodle poll so please look in your emails and sign up or you can sign up here via the Participation Link if you have not already. If you are riding Gila then you are not working. We need both rider and parent help to make this GABA Swap Meet a big success. We need volunteers to commit to 1.5 hour shifts from6am-2pm, we need a minimum of six people per slot


SWAP MEET—- I need your baked goods. Small cookies, brownies and things like that. We sell things for a dollar a piece so keep that in mind. We typically make upwards of $500 doing this, SO PLEASE make and bring the baked goods.


Saturday– If your big race is Whiskey then you have an adventure ride planned for this saturday. You will ride Reddington Pass. Please arrive at 6am. You should be on bikes by 7am. You will ride till 11am and hopefully be back by noon. Please bring plenty of food for a great day.


Sunday– Gila riders. Your ride starts at 1pm. You will head to Mt Lemmon and you will return for dinner. You are all expected on this ride. It will be good heat training as well.



Saturday the 15th. Scavenger Hunt


If you are not helping at a station then I expect everyone to ride and participate. I promise you will have fun. I need everyone to sign up on-line. The cost is only $20 for EG youth


Also if you want to go to Durango this summer, please get everyone you know to come. We need people to register and to come. This is our Spring Fundraiser and the more people that we get to come, means we get to do more cool stuff. So just get people to sign up and have a great day.

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  1. Maddy Mitchell

    I won’t be able to go to the scavenger hunt because I’m going on a bike tour with my parents that weekend. I’ll try to get people to come to it.