15th Saturday– All youth and able parents. Please meet at the clubhouse at 6:30am. We need help setting up tables and chairs, putting up banners and just making sure we are ready to go.


People will start arriving at 8am for the event and we want things ready to go. We did a ton of work today, but want the place looking good.


Riders please be ready to ride and to have fun.


Sunday the 16th. If you are riding Whiskey we are going to ride up Hopkins.


Arrive at clubhouse at 6am.

I hope to leave at 6:30am.

We should be out of the vans and ready to ride at 7:30m.

We should take 2 to 2.5 hours to ride up the hill.

So we should be back at the van by 11am and

Home by Noon.


Please bring plenty of food for this long and hard bike ride, and plenty of water. It is very hot and exposed.


Gila Riders. Sleep in. Go on an hour ride with some openers. But not much more. REST

One Response to “Weekend of April 15th and 16th”

  1. Mostyn

    I can’t ride on Sunday because we are going to my grandparents house in Phoenix.